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Inadequate Security

New York Negligent Security Attorney

With the millions of renters in New York City and the number of buildings that must be maintained, it is not uncommon for landlords and supers to neglect duties, including security measures. A broken lock or window latch could result in a robbery or sexual assault. A broken handrail or light could result in a serious slip and fall injury. At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], our New York negligent security lawyers are experienced in pursuing claims on behalf of the victims of negligent security and maintenance.

NY City Inadequate Security Lawyer

A landlord, security company or owner may have the duty to ensure that premises are safe from intruders. When you or someone you love suffered from negligent security or maintenance, you need immediate legal attention. Contact us to enforce your rights to recovery.

Tourist injuries and hotels: Hotel owners have a duty to protect and ensure the safety of tourists and travelers. If you have suffered an injury resulting from a broken lock, failed security system or negligent maintenance, liability may be found against the owner or operator of the hotel. Contact us to investigate your case and protect your rights.

Parking lot muggings: A parking lot mugging resulting from a broken light or failed security could be a cause of action against a negligent operator, security company or owner. Let us investigate your claim using witness statements, police reports and other documentation. We will preserve the necessary evidence for your claim.

Unsecured apartment: An apartment left unsecured or without repair could result in a mugging, sexual assault, robbery, or even wrongful death or murder. If you or someone you love has been injured through negligent maintenance or security such as a broken light, broken buzzer or dangerous location, our attorney can pursue every necessary claim to protect your rights. Contact us today .

Swimming pools: In addition to protecting against intruders, there is a duty to prevent injury or death from an unsecured swimming pool. Private swimming pools and pools belonging to the municipality must be secured to prevent injury, including drowning. If your child or someone you love was injured in an unsecured swimming pool, our attorney will pursue a lawsuit against a negligent landlord, hotel, municipality or owner.

A common question is, “Who can I sue?” “Who you can sue” is not always completely obvious. Visit our page on “Who Can I Sue?” for more information on your accident injury legal rights.

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