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You should never bear the financial burden for another motorist’s negligence. An auto accident or wrongful death claim cannot undo the harm you and your family have suffered, but such a claim is designed to provide you total compensation for all the ways your loss has negatively impacted your life – medical bills, lost wages, care assistance, and pain and suffering.

NY Auto Accidents

Unfortunately, the potentially liable parties will likely devalue your injuries or outright deny responsibility for them. This is why the experience of a car accident lawyer can be crucial. Your attorney’s knowledge and skill can make the difference in how your claim unfolds, in settlement negotiations or in the courtroom. This may translate to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars – perhaps even millions – depending on the severity of the accident.

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The New York auto accident attorneys at [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] have been helping NYC injury victims for more than 50 years. When you choose our law firm, you can be confident that you are going to get full value for all damages allowed under New York law. The successful recovery of damages, however, is only part of your claim. We treat you as if you are a family member, carefully listening to your concerns and needs.

We have a history of results, including multi-million dollar jury verdicts and settlements for car accident injury victims. When you’ve been hurt, our NYC lawyers will help.

To speak with one of our award-winning New York attorneys about your situation, call [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-1″]. Case evaluations are absolutely FREE.

A Successful History In A Variety Of Vehicle Accidents

Under New York law, the method and recourse available for an auto collision may vary widely depending on the situation. We will quickly assess the specific legal issues that may arise in your injury claim and help you find the best possible avenue to full compensation.

We are experienced in the following types of motor vehicle accidents:

Car Accidents

A car accident can have a lifelong impact on you and your family. To ensure that you and your family do not shoulder the financial burden, the total harm must be carefully valued with strong supporting evidence. You get only one chance to recover money for the full extent of your harm, so it is crucial to partner with a detail-minded attorney you can trust.

In auto accidents involving injuries, it is crucial to start partnering with an attorney as soon as possible. To learn more, visit our New York Car Accidents page.

Truck Accidents

New York is one of the busiest trucking regions in the world, making the local trucking industry highly competitive. Unfortunately, some trucking companies try to increase profits by ignoring truck maintenance and hours-of-service laws. Sometimes trucking businesses make poor hiring decisions or fail to sufficiently train and supervise their employees.

Our firm will get to the root causes of your trucking accident and hold all negligent parties liable. To learn more, visit our New York Truck Accidents page.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents should never be treated like a typical car accident. The injuries that riders and passengers suffer are generally severe or fatal. Further, bikers routinely face an unfair bias from police, insurance companies and jurors.

It is important to work with an attorney experienced in handling motorcycle injury lawsuits because of these unique characteristics. To learn more, visit our New York Motorcycle Accidents page.

Bicycle Accidents

Bike accidents can be incredibly difficult to litigate. When there is a bicycle-vs.-vehicle collision, New York City police rarely cite the at-fault driver unless a fatality is involved. This creates an uphill battle for the injured cyclist to recover damages. Further, there is a strong bias against bicyclists. While most NYC cyclists are law-abiding, people tend to notice the law-breaking cyclists who put themselves and others in danger.

Whether you have suffered a dooring accident or been hit by the body of a vehicle, the skill and experience of your lawyer are essential for leveling the playing field. To learn more, visit our New York Bicycle Accidents page.

Pedestrian Accidents

Many pedestrian accidents occur when the pedestrian has the right of way while walking in a crosswalk. A collision occurs because the driver was distracted or simply not paying close attention. Sadly, children are often the victims and the motorist will try to blame the kid.

This is why it is crucial to partner with an attorney who will thoroughly investigate the accident and leverage resources to reconstruct the collision. To learn more, visit our New York Pedestrian Accidents page.

Taxicab Accidents

There are approximately 13,500 licensed yellow taxis in New York City. If you suffer an accident with a licensed (medallion) cab, there are strict laws affecting how you can recover money – and how much. In addition to yellow taxicabs, there are other licensed car services in New York, as well as cabs that operate without a license.

If you are injured by a taxi, gather as much information about the cab and its driver and then notify a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. To learn more, visit our New York Taxicab Accidents page.

Bus Accidents

If you have an injury claim against the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA), it is crucial to file a notice of claim within 90 days of the accident. There are many other municipal liability rules you must follow when suing a government or quasigovernment agency. If you do not follow these strict rules, you forfeit your right to recover compensation.

If you are injured by a bus or on a New York City Transit Authority property, promptly speak with a personal injury attorney to protect your rights. For more details, visit our New York Bus Accidents page.

Subway Accidents

In addition to subway train accidents, New York City’s subway network is home to many serious slip-and-fall injuries. Fall injuries are often caused by broken or poorly maintained staircases and platforms. If you are injured, call for help and do not leave the area. At a minimum, use your cellphone video camera to record your surroundings and the cause of your fall.

There are many complicated municipal liability rules to follow when making a subway injury claim. To learn further details, view our New York Subway Accidents page.

Commercial/Mass Transit Collisions

Safety deficiencies in New York’s giant mass transit network occasionally lead to injuries to passengers. There are many pitfalls when dealing with municipal authorities and a seemingly small mistake can forfeit all your legal rights to recover.

To protect your rights and learn more about filing a claim, visit our New York Mass Transit Accidents page.

Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Emergency vehicles have privileged exceptions to normal traffic laws, but only in certain situations. The complex rules governing New York emergency vehicles may determine whether you prevail in your injury claim and how much you are entitled to.

An attorney experienced in emergency vehicle accidents – such as those involving fire trucks, ambulances and police squad cars – can help you learn what, if any, legal rights you have to recover compensation. To learn more, visit our New York Emergency Vehicle Accidents page.

Boat Accidents

Whether you have been injured on a private watercraft, a sightseeing boat or a ferry, you need to proceed carefully with your claim. Boating accidents are often more difficult to reconstruct than accidents on land and evidence can quickly disappear forever.

A lawyer experienced in watercraft accidents may offer you the best possible chance of receiving full compensation. For further details, visit our New York Boat Accidents page.

Distracted Driving

Drivers should know by now that distracted driving is unacceptable. Countless television ads, billboards and internet campaigns remind drivers to pay attention when behind the wheel. Still, drivers choose not to, and their choices cause serious harm.

If you have been hurt in a New York City car accident, and you believe the other driver was texting, talking on a cell phone, looking at GPS instead of the road, or driving while distracted in any other way, it’s important to hold them accountable for their choices.

Our Approach To Auto Accident Claims

Many accident cases are hard-fought, and we are not afraid to fight for you at trial. Our lawyers have many years of in-court litigation experience that works to your advantage in these types of cases.

By thoroughly preparing every case for trial, we gain a stronger footing for negotiating a favorable settlement, should the opportunity arise. This approach also makes us formidable opponents in court. Insurers are aware of our willingness to litigate if your claim is treated unfairly. Our goal is to get you the full and fair recovery you deserve – whatever course of action that might require.

Determining What Happened

There can be many factors behind a car crash. For example, what was the other driver doing at the time of the crash? Do phone records show that he or she was on the phone? We will thoroughly examine the evidence to ensure that negligent drivers are held accountable.

Building Your Case

The defendants will vigorously deny any wrongdoing. They will cast blame on you, the victim, as well as any other parties involved. By drawing on our experience and preparing extensively, we can anticipate these strategies and quickly discredit the defendants’ attempts to escape liability.

Maximizing Money Damages

An auto accident lawyer can do everything else in a case correctly, but if he or she does not win you every possible dollar, then your claim should be considered a failure. We work to maximize your lawsuit by not only listing the injuries you have suffered, but by proving the full extent of how your injuries have negatively impacted you and everyone in your family.

We will aggressively pursue your case to the fullest extent necessary to get you the compensation that you deserve for your losses. Reimbursement can be gained for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Let us help you hold the negligent party responsible for your devastating injuries.

  • For answers to some frequently asked questions and for some additional information related to NYC auto accidents and related matters, please feel free to review our Auto Accidents FAQ page.

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