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Our offices are directly across the street from Ground Zero. We had an unfortunate view of the events of September 11, 2001. Our offices were closed to us for seven weeks. We continued to represent our clients by operating out of our several homes and by using cell phones. For a majority of that time the courts in Manhattan were closed. It was during these critical first weeks that Steve Peskin helped to develop Trial Lawyers Care, Inc., a not for profit corporation to afford FREE counsel to any of the victims of September 11, 2001 or their survivors.

Trial Lawyers Care was set up immediately after the events of September 11, 2001. Attorney Stephan Peskin was a founding member of this organization and ultimately served as its Vice President. Trial Lawyers Care is the largest pro bono legal effort ever mounted. It consisted of over 1100 lawyers from around the world who volunteered to represent victims of the tragedy. These attorneys contributed 108 years of pro bono counsel to over 1700 families from 35 states and 11 foreign countries. Based upon statistics from the Federal Victims’ Compensation Fund the 389 death claims handled by these volunteer lawyers received average awards of $2,130,747.00. These awards were significantly higher than the awards recovered by claimants who hired attorneys to represent their interests.

This office represented 18 victims, all without charge.

Stephan Peskin was honored for his efforts by United State Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer. During the award ceremony Justice Breyer said:

“The call comes, you answer…that’s what this is a celebration of…its not about words. It’s about what people did to the best of their ability… This is what’s best in our profession: that it is a profession with the spirit of public service. That it is a profession that tries to help; and it is a Profession that responds when help is asked.”

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