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Defective Car Seats & Cribs

New York Car Seat And Crib Recall Attorneys

When you purchase a crib or car seat for your child, it’s with the belief that the manufacturer carefully designed and tested the product. The safety of babies and toddlers should be the primary concern of manufacturers, yet hundreds of children are injured each day by poorly designed or defective cribs and car seats.

Defective child care products are usually manufactured overseas and then imported under recognizable brand names. This can present some legal challenges, but New York product liability law often provides consumers with many avenues for obtaining compensation. Still, it takes an experienced lawyer to explore all the legal options and discover the best manner to hold the responsible parties liable.

At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], we’ve helped injured children and their families for more than 50 years, but we have more than just experience in our favor. Our New York personal injury law firm also possesses the resources and skills that prove critical in recovering top-dollar damage awards on behalf of our clients. For a sampling of our achievements, visit our verdicts and settlements page.

NYC Crib And Car Seat Injury Lawyers

We help our clients secure money damages for defective child care products such as:

  • Cribs, including dangerous drop-side or drop-down cribs
  • Car seats containing structural defects or dangerous hinge mechanisms
  • Baby seats that pose a hazard to babies’ hands, fingers, toes or heads
  • Bicycle seats designed for babies and toddlers

There is a never-ending list of recalled cribs and baby seats that present serious risks to children. But by the time a dangerous children’s product is recalled, it has likely already caused serious injuries or wrongful death.

This harm should never occur in the first place, as children’s product manufacturers have a duty to design and make products that are safe for our kids. When they fail to fulfill their duty, the manufacturer, distributor and seller may be held strictly liable.

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Our product liability lawyers are always passionate about leveraging our legal expertise to hold wrongdoers liable for the harm and suffering they’ve caused, but this is especially true when a child has been injured. We understand that you and your family need to focus on healing, so we’ll take on the duty of holding at-fault parties responsible and getting you the fullest amount of financial compensation allowable under New York law.

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