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Request for Judicial Intervention

Thus far the court’s only role has been to issue an index number and be a repository for filed documents. After waiting what appears to be an interminable time for the defendant to respond to plaintiff’s demands for discovery, counsel for the plaintiff files a Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI) with yet another court filing fee of $95.00. This one page form triggers the court’s actual entry into the case. The lawyers meet at the courthouse for the first time and a scheduling order is set up. Dates for compliance with outstanding discovery are set. Dates for the Deposition are set, dates for the plaintiff to be examined by doctors of the defendant’s choosing are set, a date to return to the courthouse for a Compliance Conference is set and finally a date for the filing of the NOTE OF ISSUE is set. The Compliance Conference is the court’s way of keeping discovery on schedule. Is must be noted that the discovery process can take from 8-12 months to be completed in the routine case, many more months in more complex cases.

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