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The law firm of [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] is committed to improving the standard of practice for personal injury trial attorneys. We believe that raising the universal level of plaintiff advocacy not only benefits our clients, but increases the value and integrity of our profession.

In times when lawyers frequently make headlines for the wrong reasons, it’s especially important to protect the reputation of our occupation through outstanding client representation and service to the community.

For those reasons, we have assembled some information for fellow personal injury attorneys. Please take a look and let me know if you find our resources useful. Feel free to bookmark this page, as we will continually add further content.

Specialization and globalization have changed the nature of the attorney referral, but it remains a valuable aspect of a personal injury firm’s business. We greatly appreciate peer referrals and proudly make lawyer referrals when the opportunities arise.

Call us at toll-free at [nap_phone id=”TOLL-FREE-CT-NUMBER-6″] or use the “Email me” link on my profile page to contact me regarding a referral.

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