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Third Party Claims

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Seeking Justice for Injured Workers

Negligent companies and individuals, including property owners and their agents, who are not your employer (also called third parties) who cause accidents at work sites can be held liable for the injuries and deaths caused by their carelessness. While an accident victim’s workers’ compensation benefits may cover initial medical expenses and some lost wages, it is usually not enough to cover all of a worker’s actual damages, including pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life — especially when more serious injuries are involved.

NY City Third Party Liability in Construction Accidents Attorneys

At the law office of [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], our NY City third party liability attorneys hold negligent third parties financially and legally accountable for the injuries they cause. When investigating a construction accident, our firm reviews the New York State Industrial Code, OSHA regulations and other applicable safety standards. We often consult with safety experts and accident investigators to determine if a third party (a non-employer contractor, subcontractor, property owner, or agent) violated New York labor laws, building codes or safety regulations. Failure to properly secure, guard, clean, or store items at a construction site may create foreseeable dangers in violation of a property owner or construction company’s duty of care.

If you’re an accident victim injured at a job site due to negligence on the part of a third party, contact the work injury attorneys at the law office of [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] today and schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your case. Our firm will promptly begin investigating what happened to expose violations of relevant safety regulations and other negligence by a third party.

Injuries Caused by Third-Party Negligence

The law office of [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] represents clients injured in workplace and construction accidents involving the following:

  • Slippery floors
  • Exposed wires / electrocution
  • Toxic fumes
  • Airborne mold or asbestos
  • Crumbling stairs, drywall
  • Fire or explosions
  • Falls from heights

Liability and Third Parties

Section 241 of the New York Labor Law states the following:

  • § 241. Construction, excavation and demolition work

All areas in which construction, excavation or demolition work is being performed shall be so constructed, shored, equipped, guarded, arranged, operated and conducted as to provide reasonable and adequate protection and safety to the persons employed therein or lawfully frequenting such places. The commissioner may make rules to carry into effect the provisions of this subdivision, and the owners and contractors and their agents for such work, except owners of one and two-family dwellings who contract for but do not direct or control the work, shall comply therewith.

Contractors, construction companies and property owners are required to “provide reasonable and adequate protection and safety to the persons employed therein or lawfully frequenting such places.” Consequently, tools must be stored properly, physical hazards marked off, and efforts made to ensure workers and others are not exposed to harmful materials. This may require signage to warn people or mark off areas with restricted access.

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When an injury occurs, our attorneys immediately move to investigate the scene of accident, take photos, and interview eyewitnesses. Rest assured that attorneys and insurance companies for the owners and contractors will have their investigators poring over the site within minutes of the accident. You should contact our attorneys immediately by calling [nap_phone id=”TOLL-FREE-CT-NUMBER-6″] toll-free or [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-REGULAR-NUMBER-1″] so that we can begin our investigation as soon as possible after the accident.

In cases involving serious brain damage, back and neck injury or spinal cord injury, workers’ compensation benefits are often not enough to compensate a worker for all of his or her damages and expenses. Accident victims who face long-term disability and a marked decrease in the quality of their life can pursue third party claims in order to receive compensation proportional to seriousness of their workplace injury.

To schedule a FREE attorney consultation and learn how our NYC law firm can help you, contact the New York third party claim lawyers at [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″] today.

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