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What to Do After a Car Accident

What To Do After a New York Car Accident

Stop & Notify Police

The law requires that the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident stop at the scene. Do not move the cars unless their position causes a dangerous condition.


If there are injured people you must immediately call for an ambulance. Dialing 911 will get you both the police and an ambulance. DO NOT attempt to treat the injured person yourself unless you have training in first aid. DO NOT try and move an injured person unless they are in a life threatening situation. You may make the injury worse by moving the person.

Exchange Information

Every driver is required to exchange their name and address and the name and identification number of their insurance company with the other driver. Ask to see the other driver’s license, registration and insurance card. Copy down all information on the license including the driver’s identification number on his license. When the police arrive find out the name, badge number and precinct of the police officer. You or your representative can get a copy of the police report at the precinct the next day.

Make No Statement

Except for exchanging the required information with the other driver, do not have any discussion with the other driver. Do not engage in arguments with the other driver. In the heat of the moment you may say something that is inaccurate which can be used against you in the future. Tell the police officer your version of the accident.


Attempt to get the name, address and phone number of any witness to the accident.

Medical Treatment

Get your injuries cared for immediately at the emergency hospital or at your personal physician’s office. Tell the examining doctor every complaint and injury you have, no matter how minor you may think it is. A serious internal injury may not show immediately. Help your doctor help you. Here is a list of some hospitals in New York City.

Notify Your Insurance

Whenever you are in an accident involving an injury or property damage; notify your insurance company. If you fail to notify your insurance company IMMEDIATELY after the accident, they have the right to refuse to cover the claim.

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